29 de jul de 2008

Watching Quietly, Praying Silently

Author: Elisabeth Elliot

The man whom Abraham sent to find a wife for his son Isaac had been long in Abraham's service. No doubt he had learned much of trust and obedience through watching his master walk with God. He set out on his mission, confident that God would help him.

Beside the Well of Aram of Two Rivers he halted his camels and was praying silently when a beautiful young woman appeared with her water jar on her shoulder. She responded to his request as he had prayed she would, and he watched quietly to see whether the Lord had made his journey successful (Gn 24:21).

Very possibly we often miss what God wants to show us because we don't take time to pray silently and watch quietly. It was by doing those two things, along with the obvious practical things (let us not leave those undone) that the servant was able to say, "I have been guided by the Lord" (Gn 24:27 NEB).


You know those mistakes we seen to repeat every now and then?

We all have some weak points in our personality that at times may lead us astray. And it's so true what Elisabeth explains by analyzing Abraham's servant's attitudes: we must take time to pray silently and watch quietly for what God is doing so we can walk firm on our most difficult decisions.
What if we stumble and fail? Or almost do so...oooppssss...I've learned that a life with God is not about always doing things perfectly right, but always being aware of how wicked our heart is, how deceitful our mind is, and of how much we need God to transform us daily, renew our minds, forgive our sins, restore our lives. It's always a new day with God. But I do have to take responsibility for the way may mistakes may hurt or confuse others and learn with them to do better next time.

I just love God for being so patient with me. Sometimes I think He laughs out loud at my silly attitudes. I can only laugh too...and be thankful it was not worse than it could have been.

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