25 de fev de 2007

Hillsong United - From The Inside Out

Don't cry Pam...
A Pam disse que meu post quase fez ela chorar. Nao achei que estava tao deprê assim. Mas bele! To curada, ta cicatrizando Pam, amo vc! Obrigada por ter se preocupado.
Essa musica tem sido minha oracao! Wanna be consumed by God, find comfort in His loving arms!

22 de fev de 2007

Abertura - Punky - A Levada da Breca

Amava assistir a Punky! Vi a pouco tempo que lancaram os DVDs da serie aqui nos EUA. Bom demais!! Naum se faz mais Punkys hj em dia viu! (A velha falando...hauhauhauhauahau)

The Green stuff got me thinking...

I'm trying to save money. Yep! Gotta pay taxes soon. Need money for school and I will/must go somewhere nice for summer this year. So I analyzed my expenses, summed up my income and guess what? The simple true: way too many expenses. So let's CUT IT!!!

Google.com, my best source for any questions and concerns, gave me some answers on how to save money.

However, some people actions speak much louder than my words on this saving-money matter. This guy, for example, didn't have money to buy furniture for his apartment, but as you see he did make his own furniture out of FedEx boxes. Gotta save money, ha?! Easier said than done!

19 de fev de 2007

If I could...

If I could I would leave everything and go out to Africa or Greece as a missionary. If I could I would get into a Bible School or University and spend my days learning about God, talking about Him, knowing His heart, listening to His voice...If I could I would be braver, more audacious, and talk to people about Salvation through Jesus whenever I can.

I feel so little. So insignificant. So sinful. I know God used people who were mere sinners, common human beings to do extraordinary things. I know I will never ever actually feel capable or worthy to do anything that big, but God can certainly use me. But how? It seems to me that the only way I could do things for God would be to stop working, stop focusing in the things of this world and focus on the things that are eternal, right? I mean, I rush so much every morning to go to work that I almost don't have time to read the Bible and pray. I'm so worried about bills, and health, and school, and trying to figure if it's really worthy staying here without my family or not...I keep on trying to fight against bad habits and thoughts and attitudes that I know are not pleasing God. I keep on trying to tell God how important it is that He gives me a husband just as I've always dreamed. I've been failing so much as a friend to people. I got so hurt that I just can't do it. I need some healing.

If I could I would have made different choices. If I could I would have amnesia, just so I would forget everything that I did wrongly. God's grace is amazing. I know He forgives me. But I can't forgive myself. Why did I ever let sin get into my life? How could I not win over temptation? I always step over my own values and beliefs. I can't stand up for who I am and what I believe. I want to shout NO to sin, but I don't. I've taught kids about God's power, God's love, God's will. But who am I to teach if I can't apply it to my own life?

What difference can I make in this world if I feel drowned into my mistakes. It's like a burden so heavy to carry. I feel like Christian, in that book "The Pilgrim's Progress", walking towards the Narrow Gate carrying that huge burden in his back.