11 de out de 2004

Que familia é essa??

I don't understand this family! Just now I was in the basement watching TV and relaxing (today is a holiday), because I had I tough day studying this weekend, when Ed called me to answer the phone. I went upstairs and they were all in the kitchen with a candle in a brownie (on Thursday will be Debbie's birthday), and I thought: "They're celebrating her birthday and they didn't call me!!! Why???" I answered the phone, it was a guy, he wanted to know about degree stuff, while they were singing Happy Birthday!! QUE FALTA DE CONSIDERAÇÃO. How about all that conversation telling me that I would be part of the family and blah, blah, blah... Everything was a big lie!! I feel like crying!! And I was thinking of buying something for her, write a very nice card saying thanks but now I just feel like they don't care at all!! Why should I?? You now what? I'll fight against this bad feelings and I'll do my part, I'll buy a card at least!

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