29 de mar de 2006

Could you guess what this paragraph is about?

A newspaper is better than a magazine. A seashore is a better place than a street. At first, it is better to run than to walk. You may have to try several times. It takes some skill, but it's easy to learn. Even young children can enjoy it. Once you are successful, complications are minimal. Birds seldom get too close. Rain, however, soaks in very fast. Too many people doing the same thing can also cause problems. One needs lots of room. If there are no complications, it can be very peaceful. A rock will serve as an anchor. If things break loose from it, however, you will not get a second chance. (Author Unknown)

Can't figure it out? It's okay, I couldn't do it too until my teacher had given me two hints:

  1. It's a fun activity.
  2. Think high!

Still don't know?! So click on this post's title to find out.

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