11 de jun de 2009

A true lady is...

I want to be a true lady. Even if it takes me years to develop some characteristics. The first step towards becoming a true lady is knowing what it takes to be a lady. So, I did some research and here it is what I found:

A lady is sweet, even-tempered and kind, never shying away from her Christian duty to any in need. A lady is always properly and nicely dressed, be she tending the sick, having tea or attending the ballet. A lady never raises her voice, for a show of temper is unsightly in a woman. A lady is meek and humble, never seeking to raise herself with words, but always to extol others’ virtues and accomplishments. A lady never knows more than a gentleman on any given subject, and if she does, she is obliged to hold her tongue. A lady never fails to be polite to anyone, be he or she queen or a beggar, a widow or a child. A lady offers everything of herself and her home to any who asks it of her. A lady never seeks the company of a gentleman, and is never alone with a gentleman who is not her relation, husband or fiancé. A lady seeks to give pleasure to those around her, through her words and deeds. A lady never runs, never exerts herself. A lady is generous yet economical. A lady knows when to speak, to add to the conversation with her gentle views, and she knows when to be silent, for men always know the world far better than a woman. A lady is a teacher and a student, imparting lessons of virtue to her children, yet learning obedience and honesty from God. She is always virtuous, always temperate, never rude nor angry. A lady is the morality of the world.
I know all of you playing a Victorian woman are about to hang up your bonnets. It seems impossible, to be perfect. And if you’re all ready playing, you know you’ve forgotten to do some of that. To be quite honest, that is the idea. The lady was a model, like the Virgin Mary, an impossible standard to emulate.

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