2 de mar de 2008

Walk Thru the Bible Seminar

Nowadays we have so many different things available for us to choose from, and that even includes variety of "spiritual food". As we grow in faith our spirit is no longer satisfied with only the rice and beans of church's Sunday service. A mature spirit demands meat. We then look outside the church for sources that will help us grow spiritually: events, conferences, books, DVDs, CDs, etc. There are many choices out there to fit every spiritual need, but we should choose wisely and critically. False teachings instead of helping us grow closer to God will lead us astray.

I wouldn't buy a book without having a firm knowledge of the trustworthiness of the author. Usually I only buy books that were recommended by someone or some ministry I know and trust or if it was mentioned in the bibliography of another author I know. The same thing with events, I wouldn't go if it was not highly recommended by my Pastor or leaders, or connected to a ministry I've seen close enough to tell they are committed to God's work.

The event of the video above is highly recommended by me. LOL. Well, let me tell you how I decided to go. I know the ministry of Child Evangelism Fellowship very well to tell you they are committed heart and soul to telling the Good news to kids around the world. The guy in the video above participated in CEF's Possible Mission video, which I own. So, the guy is trustworthy. However, the seminar I will attend won't be taught by him. Researching I found out that he was trained by Walk thru the Bible Ministries, and that makes them trustworthy too. SO LET'S GO PEOPLE. I want to learn more about the Bible, and I know this seminar will give me some "meat" to satisfy this spiritual need.

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