6 de mar de 2007

Norman Rockwell Art

Norman Rockwell. A name unknown for me until a couple of weeks ago. As I searched online for a nice puzzle to buy, put together, frame, and hang in my bedroom wall, I discovered Norman Rockwell's art in puzzles. And it caught my eyes right away. His paintings give me an innocence feeling. It brings out memories of moments I've lived or sensations I had. It's fun to look at this painting I posted, for example, and realize that thoughts of reading the doctor's credentials once came to my mind when I was a girl, but I lacked the courage to stand up and actually read them, to make sure the doctor is reliable, as this boy is doing. Such a great painting! It makes me smile, I love things that makes me smile.
Norman Rockwell makes art out of daily situations in Americans' life in a fun and fascinating way.
I was also very surprised when, reading at wikipedia.com, I found out that Norman Rockwell lived in New Rochelle, my town! He lived right here when he was about my age. There is a museum in Stockbridge, MA of many of his artwork. I'm planning on going visit it during summer probably. I'm sure I'll love it!

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  1. sabia que esse cara desenhou a capa do jornal o Post todo o sabado por uns 6 anos?
    maneiro né? devia ser uma epoca q nao tinham fotos ainda.........
    po..deve ser velho né?